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maker-faire-logoFreescale will be attending Maker Faire San Mateo for the first time with lots of cool demos of hacked together projects.

There is a post here that talks about them in more detail:



Comments on: "Freescale at Maker Faire" (2)

  1. Jaymin D said:

    Hello Future Freescale Guy,

    I want to ask you about that ” IS BOARD BLANK?? ”
    I mean is it possible that customer get blank board ???

    No boot loader, no image no FS not any primary thing.

    So Is it possible ??
    If not then why I can’t see any log or dumps or prompt on terminal ??

    Also same time another question is that,
    I make a SD card of 2GB (using ‘dd’ command in UBUNTU 14.04) with SPL, uImage, u-boot which give you on WANDBOARD.ORG website.

    Then I insert it in slot and see some log in terminal->minicom in ubuntu and stop after few seconds.
    (Let me tell you that I can’t write anything, I can’t enter any command at that stage, it’s just stop there)

    My configuration at that time –
    5 V 1 Amp power supply,
    UBUNTU 12.04 OS,
    2GB scandisk class 4 SD card
    DB-9 to usb convertor.

    Now when I enter it again after removing 2nd times then I shocked !!!!!!!

    No logs, no dumps no screen on my terminal …!!!
    I try all possible thing mention below,
    change my SD card -> 4 GB
    change u-boot -> new one
    change host Os -> ubuntu 14.04
    change power supply -> 5 v 2 Amp SMPS
    change DB-9 to usb converter -> new one

    All all possibilities and all thing I tried from last one week,
    Really now I hang up on this issue and stuck very badly because of time limits.

    So please request to you focus on this problem and give any solution immediately…(very very soon)

    Also clear my one doubt that..

    Is WAND BOARD QUAD blank ????? at first time…
    Mean, Any type of images, fs or boot loader are there or not ?????

    Answer me very soon and in brief so that this time its make possible.

    Reply me ASAP. It’s really urgent for me.

    Thanks and best regards
    Jaymin D

    • Hello Jaymin
      Yes the Wandboard is “essentially” blank. It knows how to boot from an SDCARD. This is a hardware feature of the i.MX6 Chip.
      You need to follow all the instructions on the community site. There are many people that have goine through the programming of the SDCard process and it is well documented.

      Your board worked correctly at least once if you got a Uboot prompt.
      It is possible you still are a little low on the power supply.. If you can find a 5V 2A that would be good to try.
      What happens is that during boot, there is a moment when many things get turned on briefly. If the power supply is not able to supply enough current then a brownout occurs and the Chip holds in reset.

      Please follow and ask for detailed support.

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