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I recently found that my Freedom boards won’t connect with Codewarrior 10.4 when the PE Micro Debugger is installed as the OpenSDA application. Thankfully there is an easy upgrade fix…To get started it might be worth while going back over this previous post, and making sure it’s clear that there are several things happening at the same time with the OpenSDA system. I’ve made some pictures below which hopefully explain it better:

OpenSDA Bootloader OpenSDA App Freedom board processor under test

Getting updated PE Micro files

Get the latest OpenSDA files from

OR by clicking on the link from the Freedom board itself

5-18-2013 1-32-25 PM

Note that the Blue “Your Hardware Information” block will get updated with the information from the Freedom board only if you clicked through to the website from the link provided on the freedom board itself.

Updating the OpenSDA bootloader using the procedure below:

BOOTUPDATE APP Release notes

December 28th, 2012
Bootloader Update Application, Version 1.08

This application will update the bootloader portion of the OpenSDA software platform to version 1.08. The current version of bootloader software can be seen by entering bootloader mode and running the SDA_INFO.HTM file. It is recommended to only update the bootloader software if there is some reason (such as allowing enumeration under Linux).

To update Bootloader please follow these steps:

1. Enter bootloader mode (generally by holding down the target reset button on the OpenSDA board and plugging in the USB connection).

2. Drag and drop the BOOTUPDATEAPP.SDA file to the root directory of the Bootloader “drive”.

3. Unplug and replug your OpenSDA board to initiate Bootloader update.  Bootloader update should take less than 15 seconds (probably averages 3 seconds).

4. Once update is complete, OpenSDA will automatically enumerate in Bootloader mode and green status LED will go on blinking with .5 second on/off intervals.

5. Run the SDA_INFO.HTM file in the root directory of the Bootloader “drive”.

IMPORTANT: Please do not unplug OpenSDA while Bootloader is updating.

WARNING: If you are running Microboot v1.03 or older on a FRDM-KL25Z board, there is a scenario where interrupting the firmware update at a very specific spot during the update process will cause the board to become secure and unusable. It is very unlikely that this would occur as the entire update process takes about a second and this problem would occur only when replacing one of the many sectors in the flash which are reprogrammed. This flaw was fixed in Microboot v1.03. In order to fix the board, it would have to be shipped to P&E to be recovered.

BOOTUPDATEAPP with Bootloader v1.08 fixes the following issues:

v1.05 Fixed binary files download to bootloader. Wrong address was used (0x0000 instead of 0x8000)
Fixed led not coming on upon an error
v1.07 Added Bootloader support for Linux
v1.08 Future feature additions (undocumented)


Comments on: "OpenSDA PE-Micro debugger App won’t connect with Codewarrior 10.4" (1)

  1. Someone asked me “Everything in device manager is showing perfectly but, am I supposed to see a FRDM-KL25Z driver when the board is plugged in?”

    If the board is configured as a PE debugger (for use with Codewarrior for example) you will see “OpenSDA Hardware” under ***device manager***

    If it is in Bootloader Mode you see a new DRIVE called “BOOTLOADER”

    If it is in PE Micro Drag-and-Drop-to-program-mode MSD mode you will see a new drive called “FRDM-KL25Z”

    There can be other OpenSDA configurations, like the CMSIS debugger…

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