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A Day in the Life of Developing a Pre-Integrated EtherCAT® Programmable Logic Controller

Controlling the factory floor efficiently and securely has never been more important. However, design engineers typically have to worry about combining disparate parts and subsystems to get a controller — long before they can even get to their application. Freescale Semiconductor, QNX Software Systems, ISaGRAF and Koenig-pa (KPA) have collaborated to develop a Programmable Logic Controller reference platform — a modular solution that features key interfaces and is easy to port and integrate.

Join Freescale, ISaGRAF and QNX for a web seminar on December 4, 2012 at 11:00 AM EST as they provide an overview of this reference platform that allows designers to hit the ground running at the application stage, speeding time to market. It’s like getting two months of engineering services from these four companies in one hour!

Designers will learn:

  • Use case model for developing a PLC platform
  • How to overcome the struggles of dealing with disparate parts and subsystems and getting them to all work together
  • How to leverage the PLC reference solution and begin your design work at the application stage — cutting months off your development time
  • How to get access to the PLC in a Box solution — based on components that have already been verified (OS, language and protocols) which is a big step forward


John Ralston – System Architect, Freescale

Chris Ault – Product Manager, QNX Software Systems

Stefan Mizera – Global Account Manager, ISaGRAF


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