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maker-faire-logoFreescale will be attending Maker Faire San Mateo for the first time with lots of cool demos of hacked together projects.

There is a post here that talks about them in more detail:



The Future PCAP adaptor + 7 inch PCAP screen already have been integrated into the Wandboard kernel sourcecode linux and android and can be built from sources into a runtime image that is fully customizable by your engineering team.Wandboard PCAP LCD

Future Electronics jointly with the Wandboard team released demo images Android based on the above mentioned sourcecode. Links to these images can be easily found in the Wandboard community forums.

For example a link to the Android demo image on the WBDUAL + FWBADAPT-7WVGA-PCAP + F07A-0102 can be found at :


md5  : d8766ff1555dc944630c7e9c229bf43f

More examples to come!


Released today!

MQX RTOS 4.0.2

  • New board support packages added in MQX 4.0.2
    • BSPs for Vybrid F-Series Dual Core MCUs MCUs
      • MQX 4.0.2 for Vybrid AutoEVB (Cortex™-A5)
      • MQX 4.0.2 for Vybrid AutoEVB (Cortex™-M4)
  • New Features and Updates
    • QuadSPI w/ Execute in Place and Bootloader (Vybrid M4 & A5)
    • eDMA driver (Vybrid & Kinetis)
    • Nand Flash driver for Vybrid
    • Extended Hardware Timer Driver
    • THUMB Support (Vybrid – DS5, IAR, GCC)
    • MMU 4K Page Support (Vybrid)
    • SMTP Client
    • HTTP Server Performance Improvement
    • TCP/IP Performance Improvement w/ HW Checksum

Download MQX RTOS 4.0.2

Future Electronics is pleased to provide an exclusive LCD demo adapter kit which works with Wandboard and Technexion EDM modules.

The part numbers are:

Below is the link for the multi-touch android demo file used with the Wandboard Dual, as seen in the video.

We recommend 7 zip if you are having trouble unzipping the file. to download the unzipper.

Here is a pdf for the Adapter Board-PCACP LCD assembly instructions.
Assembling the PCAP adapter.pdf-rev2254.svn000.tmp


1-insert-fpc-in-LCD flip connect




Here is a brief introduction to the Wandboard and a simple walk through for getting up and running with a pre-compiled android image.  This demo applies to WBSOLO, WBDUAL, and WBQUAD. These are all Freescale i.MX6 processors.

TechNexion, manufacturer of Freescale i.MX6 Cortex A9 EDM modules are pleased to be presenting at Computex and welcome you to come and visit them at the Nangkang Exhibition Hall 1F booth K0216

Future Electronics is a Global – worldwide distributor of Technexion products.

I recently found that my Freedom boards won’t connect with Codewarrior 10.4 when the PE Micro Debugger is installed as the OpenSDA application. Thankfully there is an easy upgrade fix… Read the rest of this entry »

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