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The Future PCAP adaptor + 7 inch PCAP screen already have been integrated into the Wandboard kernel sourcecode linux and android and can be built from sources into a runtime image that is fully customizable by your engineering team.Wandboard PCAP LCD

Future Electronics jointly with the Wandboard team released demo images Android based on the above mentioned sourcecode. Links to these images can be easily found in the Wandboard community forums.

For example a link to the Android demo image on the WBDUAL + FWBADAPT-7WVGA-PCAP + F07A-0102 can be found at :

WBDUAL :” href=”” target=”_blank”>

md5  : d8766ff1555dc944630c7e9c229bf43f

More examples to come!


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Comments on: "Where is the code for Wandboard with Future 7″ PCAP LCD?" (8)

  1. That’s great for Ubuntu and Android. But what if we’d like to use the screen with the adapter for building a Yocto image. How can we make it work?

  2. I have the Wandboard Solo instead of the Dual because we want to see if our system will run on the cheaper processor. I know there are builds of Android that work on Solo, but can’t find any that work on Solo + the Future LCD and Adapter. Can you point me to a build that will work?

  3. Shabnam Sarup said:

    Where is the source code for this? We are using the WandBoard dual with the technexion edm-1 fairy connector board and need to add support for the TouchRev 7″ screen

  4. This looks great, and we have purchased several adapter boards, along with Technexion Fairy carrier boards and Technexion EDM1 Duals (and of course the TouchRev 7 inch PCAP screens). We are trying to get it all to play together using the Technexion Android images, and getting stuck. The hardware works (we can run the wandboard Android images), but we can’t get the Technexion images to boot correctly. Will you be working on this, or can you suggest a resource? Thanks.

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