Useful Freescale stuff

Future Electronics is pleased to provide an exclusive LCD demo adapter kit which works with Wandboard and Technexion EDM modules.

The part numbers are:

Below is the link for the multi-touch android demo file used with the Wandboard Dual, as seen in the video.

We recommend 7 zip if you are having trouble unzipping the file. to download the unzipper.

Here is a pdf for the Adapter Board-PCACP LCD assembly instructions.
Assembling the PCAP adapter.pdf-rev2254.svn000.tmp


1-insert-fpc-in-LCD flip connect




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Comments on: "How to assemble Android Multitouch LCD with Wandboard Dual" (10)

  1. Good work! There is a Ubuntu image with all driver and correct boot for LCD adapter kit ?

  2. I’, sorry again, but the Yocto image is that on site in version 1.4?

  3. I have a wandboard quad and the display + adapter. The image you provided is for the dual.

    How would I modify the image for the quad?

    It would be very helpful to have a pointer to how you generated the image for the dual.

  4. Jonathan More said:

    Can I get the BOM for the FWBADAPT-7WVGA-PCAP? I want to know what the 0.050″ pitch WANDBOARD connectors are so I can do my own board.


  5. Hi,
    I’m shawn.
    This is a great post.
    But there is one more question, as you know, the minimum order quantity of the FWBADAPT-7WVGA-PCAP on future electronics is 250. It’s impossible of me to order so many adapter boards, right? What should I do to make use of the LCD F07A-0102 on future electronics website please?
    Basic, in my hand, it’s Wandboard Dual.
    Thank you.

    • This is obviously a clerical error :-)
      I’ll let someone know, and correct it. Meanwhile you can contact your local Future sales person directly and see if they can put an order for a single through.
      Thanks for the heads up!

      • Another note: You might be able to order Mfr Part#: F07A-0102-FWB
        Which is the LCD + the adapter as a kit. There is no stock, but i understand they have been assembling to order?

      • Ya, it seems the minimum order quantity has already been changed to 1 instead of 250+ on the future electronics website. I could place an order once it’s in stock.
        BTW, I’m not sure if there is a F07A-0102-FWB on the future electronics Chinese RMB website.
        Anyway, thank you.

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